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Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship




With some 365 beaches of clean blue waters, the tropical islands of Antigua and Barbuda are an inviting paradise and considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.
A strategic location, a highly educated workforce, a pleasant tropical climate and untouched beaches are among the attributes that make Antigua and Barbuda an attractive investment opportunity.
The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the world’s newest Citizenship by Investment programs, beginning in late 2013. The program allows applicants and their families to obtain citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda, in exchange for an investment made into the country. It offers a highly useful second passport for you, your family and future generations.

What Are The Investment Requirements Of The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program?

The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program is defined by two investment options, both of which provide an economic contribution to the country. Foreign investors can choose from approved real estate projects or contribute to the National Development Fund ("NDF").


Contribution to the NDF

The Fund has been approved solely for the purpose of Citizenship by Investment. Foreign nationals who contribute the qualifying amount starting at USD $250,000 and meet the other requirements, may apply for citizenship.

Investing in Real Estate

To qualify for citizenship under the real-estate option, the government requires an investment in designated real estate with a value of at least USD $400,000. A real estate investment is to be held for a minimum of five years.


Are there any Residency Requirements?

Yes. A successful applicant will be required to spend a minimum of seven days annually over a period of five years – total 35 days on the island.

All 35 days can be spent on the island at the end of the five year period.

What Are The Benefits of Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship?

The programme is very straightforward and gives you access to citizenship and passport typically within a few months.  Holders of an Antigua & Barbuda passport will have visa free travel, to over 130 countries, tax free trade regimes and the added benefit that your family will also be able to obtain citizenship and full residency status.