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Citizenship By Investment




An international businessperson looking to complement their existing wealth protection and investment growth strategies and increase confidentiality in their personal affairs, or who needs to travel globally at short notice, would benefit significantly from alternative citizenship and a second passport.
If you currently need to apply for visas frequently, alternative citizenship and a second passport could overcome this burden with ease and efficiency.

What Are The Benefits Of Citizenship By Investment?

A second citizenship and passport can give greater international mobility through visa-free travel, which can save time and money each time you travel. A second passport is also like an insurance policy, which allows you the protection of another country if you encounter civil unrest, natural disaster or other issues in your first country of citizenship. Having the flexibility of an alternative citizenship can also benefit international tax planning.

What Are The Typical Eligibility Requirements for Citizenship by Investment?

Eligibility requirements vary from each country to the other. Generally, there are no language or employment criteria to meet, although some may require these.
Some programs require citizens to reside in the country for a minimum period of time while others have no residency requirement. For all programs, applicants must be able to demonstrate good health and character and be willing to invest a specified minimum amount in the country offering the program.

How do I decide which Citizenship Program is right for me?

Each program has its own requirements, costs and benefits. Not all programs will be suitable or even available to all applicants. Avaris can help you decide as to which of the available programs will be the most appropriate for you and your family.

How can Avaris Law Help?

Our specialist service delivers long standing, trusted relationships to private clients, ensuring personal and financial security alongside the ability to conduct international business with ease. Our highly experienced immigration lawyers handle each case with the utmost discretion and due diligence at its core, crafting citizenship and residence solutions that are specific to every intricacy of a client's brief and chosen region.
Avaris will be on-hand to clarify any questions and help resolve any legal issues; ensure paperwork is fully and accurately completed; assist with obtaining properly translated and certified supporting documents; and liaise with government officers, investment contacts and other relevant parties.