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Corporate Immigration Services


Corporate Immigration Services


We offer a variety of services to a broad range of employers ranging from large and high profile multinational organisations to smaller UK based businesses on the full spectrum of immigration law as it relates to their businesses and their employees.


Avaris combines considerable experience and technical expertise with a personable, pragmatic and strategic approach to assist your organisation in finding effective and practical solutions to the plethora of immigration issues that you may face, allowing you to concentrate on your business.


Whether it be to help technology start-ups and established companies to employ highly skilled foreign nationals or global enterprises with high volume intra-company transfer services, our clients value us for our rapid response and high level of personal attention.


Through our audit compliance services we assist and train businesses to manage their immigration needs effectively and to comply with UK Visas and Immigration requirements.


Our in-depth understanding of compliance together with our proactive approach ensures that both our clients’ business and reputation are well protected as we are well aware of the disruption that non-compliance with UK Visas and Immigration requirements can mean for your business.


Our services are not only limited to the immigration issues but also assisting in company formation, recruitment practices and many other relevant legal issues associated with the employment of migrant workers or the establishment of commercial presence in the UK.


The services we can offer to your organisation are:

• Sponsorship Licence
• Immigration Compliance
• TIER 2 (General)
• TIER 2 (Intra-company Transfers)
• Representative of an Overseas Business